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February 23 Parade Recycling Walkers
Saturday Feb 23, 2019 03:00 PM
Saturday, Feb 23, 2019 08:00 PM

YLC Recycles and ARC of Greater New Orleans are continuing our exciting initiative aimed at reducing waste during Mardi Gras parades in 2019 and WE NEED YOUR HELP! A team of volunteers will distribute two types of labeled recycling bags to the public before and during the day parades. One bag will be for cans and plastic bottles and the other for Mardi Gras throws. Members of the public who accept the bags with our instructions will be asked to turn them in at one of six stations or leave them on the route for pickup by our trucks and volunteers following the parade.

Volunteers that sign up for this shift will be following the last parade of the day, picking up the two types of bags, and throwing them into the correct truck. Volunteers will report to the start of the parade and will walk the entire length of the parade.

You will meet at the parade start (Napoleon and Tchop) and follow the parade. We will be exiting the parade at St. Charles and Howard. We will be walking as the last part of the parade before the fire truck.

Rachel Skowyra
Blackmon, Pamela
Green, Jasmyn
McLean, Tim
Murray, Lucy