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Thoth Parade Recycling Shift 1
Sunday Feb 11, 2018 11:00 AM
Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 04:00 PM

YLC Recycles and ARC of Greater New Orleans are piloting an exciting initiative aimed at reducing waste during 2 days of Mardi Gras parades in 2018 and WE NEED YOUR HELP! This year on February 3rd and 11th a team of volunteers will distribute 2 types of labeled recycling bags to the public before and during the day parades. One bag will be for cans and plastic bottles and the other for Mardi Gras throws. Members of the public who accept the bags with our instructions will be asked to turn them in at one of 6 stations in the pilot area or leave them on the route for pickup by our trucks and volunteers following the Krewe of Freret and Krewe of Thoth.

We need YOU to be a Mardi Gras Superhero -- one who saves our storm drains from the perils of unwanted beads and our landfills from excess trash. The Mardi Gras Recycling group is recruiting 100 volunteers to be a part of history. Sign up for a shift below to be stationed in a tent or pass out bags, and whether this is your first Mardi Gras in New Orleans or you’re a seasoned pro WE WANT YOU! Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the history making team that made Mardi Gras in New Orleans even better!

After registering, you will receive an e-mail with further details, but please do send a quick heads-up to ylcrecycles@gmail.com to alert us that we have a new volunteer!

  • During Shift 1 of the Krewe of Thoth parade, volunteers will be walking around a several block radius from an assigned station handing out bags to parade-goers and explaining their purpose prior to the parade. While the parade is rolling, volunteers will be collecting bags and recycling, monitoring them for contamination, and providing information on the project to interested paraders. If the parade concludes before the end of the shift, volunteers will also be taking the collected bags to the Republic recycling truck, which will be rolling right before the fire truck at the end of Thoth.*

Details to be shared via e-mail

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